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 Welcome to the Gag Show team - John Newton!!!!

Due to the expansion and growth of Scott and Fitz's sporting speaker events and "An Evening With" product, we have recognised that we need some support with The Gag Show!
We are delighted to announce that John Newton, one of our favourite comics and a great friend of ours for a number of years, is joining us as Event co-ordinator and tour MC. John will be responsible for booking the majority of venues and comics for us in 2017.
Thanks Jon - welcome on board mate!!!!

Scott Charlton

A travelling circus of comedy talent. That’s The Gag Show!!

Headed by acclaimed comedian Scott Charlton, The Gag Show is appearing at a favourite pub, club or live entertainment venue near you, featuring top performers appearing on the national comedy club circuit and a host MC.
It makes for a great night of entertainment, at a great price that, like the professionals appearing, will certainly make you smile.
And The Gag Show can also offer you a tailor-made evening of fun, crafted perfectly to your own needs.
Whether it’s a corporate or personal night of celebration, The Gag Show can make it a night you’ll never forget.


Meet Scott Charlton

So who is The Gag Show’s Scott Charlton?

One of the most experienced comedians on the circuit, Scott has been making his mark as an entertainer since 1984, travelling around the world to deliver his acclaimed comedy act. One of a rare breed of comedians who can work just as comfortably "squeaky clean" as he can in front of a male dominated environment.

As well as making people laugh on stage, he’s also been making sports fans smile as the voice of the Lashings World XI, the travelling team of cricket legends.

Want to know more?

We talk to the Director of The Gag Show.
You love your sport, which teams do you follow?

Lashings World XI, Southampton FC, Hampshire CC, Poole Pirates, Montreal Habs, Poole Town FC and England at anything!

On stage you always say you live in Poole in Dorset, were you born and bred there?

Yes, most of my family still live there. My great-grandfather was the bandmaster at the opening of the Poole lifting bridge in 1927.

When was your television début?

In 1967! I had just turned four and was sat on my mum’s knee playing the mouth organ for five guineas and 2nd class return travel for my Mum and I on the train!

When did you first get into comedy and how did you learn the trade?

My Dad, two uncles and a drummer friend had a band in the sixties called The Inlaws. As a youngster I can clearly remember being allowed to join in, playing along with my Dad on harmonica, so I was quite used to being on the stage, but I first got the bug for comedy at school in 1975, when Michael Clarke and I did a Two Ronnies routine in the school show.

So how did it start professionally?

In 1984, I joined the entertainment crew as a compere at Sandford Park near Wareham, Dorset until the spring of 1986, when I joined the Savoy Country Club as a part of the entertainment team for the summer. In 1987, I wintered as a Redcoat for Butlins at the Metropole Hotel in Blackpool and in the summer of 1988 I became the entertainment manager at NALGO in Croyde Bay. From 1987 through to the mid 90's, I toured the country with the David Canova show. Europes leading stage hypnotist and female vocalist Kerry Andrews.

What is the biggest venue/live crowd that you’ve performed at?

I worked with my Dad on what was then the world’s biggest revolving stage at Butlins in Minehead in 1969!

I was lucky enough to compere Stevie Wonder at the Royal Albert Hall in June 1995 and I introduced the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi to the Lashings World X1 squad that was televised to a live TV audience of millions.
But I guess the biggest live audience was around 18,000 at a firework display.

You’ve travelled a bit as an entertainer.

Canada, America, Jamaica, Egypt, Corfu, Cyprus, Malta, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Germany, Holland and Greece

On stage, how much of your character is the real you?

I think it’s really important to leave a bit of you on stage, but perhaps a little too much to be honest!

You have made a name for yourself hosting events, commentating at sports events, MC’ing dinners, doing auctions and supporting charities. Do you enjoy it as much as you do the comedy spots?

Yes! Being one of twins, I enjoy any occasion where I am centre of attention! In honesty, I love the business as much now as I ever have, It would be hard to choose which is my favourite? I do enjoy going out as a character, especially the drunk routine, when you get into character it is a bit like meeting up with a really dear old friend for the night!

How do you enjoy spending your spare time?

I enjoy sport, any sport! I have two dogs - Dave a 10 year old golden retriever and Barry a oneyear- old Labradoodle - so lots of walks along the beach. I enjoy socialising at my local pub and I love beer! I also love writing both comedy and drama.

Who is your favourite comic?

Tommy Cooper, Eric Morecambe, Craig Murray (watch out for him!) Ken Dodd, Victor Borge, Blaster Bates, Jethro, Ronnie Barker, Ronnie Corbert, Gerard Hofnung (the builders lament is genius!) Eddie Izzard, Raymond and Mr Timpkins review, Ross Noble, Tony Gerrard, Dave Lee, Al Murray, Jim Jeffries, Sarah Millican, Barry Hilton, Kevin Devane, Dave and Amos and Andre King off the top of my head, but my brother Robbie makes me laugh the most.

Help us help charity

Scott has helped raise millions of pounds for charities over the course of his career, through auctions, charity events and fundraising efforts.

Here are a few of his favourites.

Youth Cancer Trust (YCT) - patron
Steve Bernard Foundation - patron
Kidzone Kenya Orphanage - patron
Geoff Smith Foundation (MS) - patron
ACLT (Afro Caribbean Leukaemia Trust) -patron
Richie Keefe Life & Soul Trust - patron
Wessex Cancer Trust -honorary vice president
Falklands Trust -honorary vice president